Are you tired of struggling to make consistent profits in trading?

Do you want to learn from a mentor who has mastered the mental game and lifestyle of trading? 

Welcome to the Students of Life mentorship program - a 3-week program live on Zoom that guarantees to transform your life. I also offer lifetime 1on1 calls with all recording of the previous meetings and access to all future mentorship classes.  With personalized learning, direct access to the mentor, and a private group of like-minded traders, you will learn everything from technicals and fundamentals to opening a business and mastering the mental game. This mentorship is not just about trading, but also about life hacks that have helped me succeed.


What You’ll Get:

3-week mentorship program

6 direct mentorship sessions

Learn technicals, fundamentals, and the mental game of trading

Personalized learning catered to your unique personality

Direct access to ME via phone and private group or in person

Life hacks that helped me succeed in trading

Exclusive access to future places and events.

The goal is to make everyone a 6 & 7-figure trader

A mentor that won't give up on you

Message directly for questions and concerns regarding the mentorship. With a focus on personalized learning, you will be walked through every single thing the market has to offer, including backend sauce, so that you can become a proficient trader. My mentorship program is not just about trading but also about the lifestyle that comes with it. You will have the opportunity to meet me in person, learn from me directly and get an insight into what it takes to become a consistent trader.

My mentorship program is designed to cater to your unique personality and we'll teach you how to handle both the ups and downs of trading. You will have direct access to me via phone and a private group of other mentorship students to share your ideas and discuss your trading strategies.

Other than trading techniques this mentorship is also about teaching you the life hacks that have helped me succeed in trading. You will also get exclusive access to future places and events.

I aim to make everyone joining the program become 6 & 7-figure traders. If you are willing to put in the time and stay dedicated, then you must succeed. We won't give up on you because we never gave up on ourselves.

Join my mentorship program today to change your life and your family's lives forever. If you have any questions or concerns, message me directly. See you on the other side!